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Welcome to Salter Kitchen Scales. Whether you are looking for Mechanical Scales or Digital Scales, youll be pleased to know that we've partnered with leading online retailers to ensure you dont miss out on all the Kitchen Scales best buys! We've researched the Kitchen Scales market and hand picked the best ones.

Digital Scales

Generally more accurate and smaller in size. Some measure in Metric and Imperial and also liquids. Add & weigh feature can be very handy.

Mechanical Scales

Significantly larger in size compared to Digital Scales and you will never need a battery again. Robust, reliable and most have handy weighing bowls.

Nutritional Scales

These digital scales are usually very accurate and tend to be a bit more expensive. Handy for dieters, diabetics and health fanatics alike.


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Kitchen Scales News, Reviews and Ideas

bullet Pear, Apple and Quince Tarte Tatin

  Pear, Apple & Quince Tarte Tatin       50g unsalted butter   2 apples and 2 firm pears, peeled, halved and cored   100g quince cheese   100g caster sugar  

bullet Malteser Crunch Bars

100g Milk Chocolate 100g Butter 200g Crushed Digestive Biscuits 200g Maltesers (leave a dozen aside for the top) 3 tbsp Syrup 200g White Chocolate   1. Grease & line a swiss roll tin. 2. Melt together the milk chocolate, butter & syrup. 3. Add crushed biscuits & whole maltesers to mix. 4. Press into the tin & place in the

bullet Fraisier cake

An incredibly pretty French cake filled with delicious strawberries and crème pâtissière.


EMMER BREAD delicious healthy  make easy to make read 420 g  emmer flour 165 g spelt flour 1/2 tsp dried yeast  3/4 tsp sea salt    360g warm water mix dry ingredients, add wet and cover for 24 hrs.  Shape the dough and leave for 1 hour stretch leave covered warm place for 30

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Why buy kitchen scales?

Kitchen scales can turn a chore into a pleasure. Like any job, having the right tools is paramount to the enjoyment of the task at hand. It can make the difference between a flop and a success that everyone will talk about for weeks!

Different Types of kitchen scales

There are 2 main types of kitchen scales, digital and mechanical. Digital scales, also know as electronic will have a digital display and are generally more versatile than the mechanical counterparts. Mechanical kitchen scales will have an old fashioned dial on the front, like a large clock face. Each type have their place in the kitchen and sometimes it's best to have one of each!

Kitchen Scales Buyers Guide