Different Bathroom Makeover Ideas You Can Do This Summer

If you are planning to make some bathroom makeover this year, we highly recommend doing it this summer. During this time of the year, you get the chance to maximize the long warm day to tackle a renovation. Moreover, many bathroom renovations Melbourne companies are more likely available since summer is considered off-season. It means that your bathroom makeover can be done quicker.

Another advantage of hiring bathroom renovators this summer is that you can opt to take a vacation while they renovate your bathroom. Since most renovation could take weeks to complete, then why not use this time on a beach with your family or go on a road trip.

To help you get some ideas about bathroom makeovers, we have listed some of them below.

Get a window near your shower

Your bathroom is prone to humidity, and it will be trapped in your bathroom, especially if it has currently had poor ventilation. While installing a bathroom fan can eliminate the humidity issues, having a natural kind of ventilation is still your best choice. Adding a window beside your shower is an excellent addition if you want to have quality bathroom renovations. It is useful in maintaining a healthy environment since it helps to avoid the build-up of mould and mildew. Not to mention also the benefits of letting natural light to come in that boosts further your bathroom’s aesthetic since natural lights make your bathroom look bigger and vibrant.

Furthermore, aside from natural lighting, a window also allows fresh air to come into your bathroom. And besides, odours are often released in the part of the house that contaminates the air you breathe. A window provides better air circulation and helps to eliminate odours and other types of airborne pollutants.

Change your lighting

While allowing natural light to come in during the day provides many benefits. You also need to consider having improved lighting during the night. As you plan your Melbourne bathroom renovations project, adding dimmer lights can make every evening bath to look more luxurious. Dimmer lights also benefit your eyes to adjust when using the bathroom in the early morning. Avoid having a light above your mirror but instead, install vanity lighting that uses LED or incandescent to avoid glare. Also, don’t forget to put lighting above your tub if you have one. However, make sure to follow building codes when it comes to installing lights over tubs and whirlpools.

Upgrade bathroom walls

Your bathroom walls are the most significant part of your bathroom since it greatly affects its overall style and design. While neutral colours offer a calming and soothing effect, adding elegant tiles will make it even more luxurious to look at. Don’t forget to add also some artworks or large mirrors on your walls to make it more stylish.

Consider Adding a smart toilet

This smart technology originates from the country of Japan and considers one of the best addition when it comes to bathroom renovations Melbourne has to offer. A smart toilet usually comes with massaging bidet wash, heated seat, air dryer, and self-cleaning features, which make your bathroom experience luxurious.


Always remember these ideas above whenever you do your bathroom makeover. To know more about bathroom renovations Melbourne has to offer, visit this site www.mwhomes.com.au.