Features That You Should Consider When Choosing a Home Security System

According to statistics, there were 2.5 per cent of Australian homes that experienced at least a single burglary, with only 75 per cent reported it to the authorities. Of the reported incidents, majority (74 per cent) of the homes have had items stolen, with 49 per cent of homes had sustained damage. In order to prevent such incidents, more and more Aussies are now installing home security systems. But, when you click this, you will see that there are many systems to choose from. So, what are the features you’d want in a reliable home security system when you decide to install one?

  1. Professional monitoring

A reliable home security system will provide you with 24/7 surveillance with monitoring experts there to assist and respond if the alarm is triggered. Working with professionals, a single alert received will have them investigate the situation as well as contacting emergency responders.

If you do not want to work with experts, you can go with self-monitoring security systems that will send you notifications if a sensor or alarm is triggered and even alerting authorities if needed.

  1. Mobile app connection

The home security systems of today are different from the ones in the past. They are more flexible and compact and can be controlled right out from your pocket.

I’m talking about you’re the included security control apps that you can download on your mobile device, like your smartphone or tablet. This allows easy and simple controlling of home security even when you’re far from home.

In addition, home security with mobile apps notify and alerts you on-the-go and in real-time when your security system’s signals and sensors are triggered.

  1. Design

As its name implies, a wireless security system does not have those wires running around, excluding the electrical cord on its control interface. Hardwired security systems, on the other hand, will require a lot of drilling in walls to run those cables and hook everything to your circuit breaker box.

Meanwhile, some security systems provide a smaller base station placed in a room for monitoring, while some offer touchscreen tablet-style control panels hanged in the wall. For more information about this aspect, click this.

  1. Home automation

In this techy and innovative world, everything seems to become smarter and automated. And, a home security system is no exception.

Look for a security system with the ability to connect with home devices. There are even some home security systems that connect to a voice assistant, like Alexa, for voice control.

By connecting to such smart devices, you will be able to create an automated routine, saving you money and time. For instance, you can set an auto light shut off when leaving at work to save on electric bills or turning on your home’s air-conditioning unit when arriving from work, saving you the effort and time to do so by yourself.

  1. Usability

A reliable home security system should be able to protect your home without difficulty in your part. For instance, a reliable home security system should be user-friendly, that you do not have to waste seconds finding and clicking the panic button or even how to arm your system.

Also, it should be easy for you to understand what each alert or sound means as well as how it notifies you if the batteries are low, when there is a power outage or any technical issues.

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