The 6 Most Useful Types of Skylight

If you are into interior design or just curious about stylish and cost-effective ways to build an establishment, then you may have heard of skylights. Skylights, like the ones produced by Velux, are continuously skyrocketing on the market because of countless advantages for building owners.


Perhaps the very reason for the popularity of skylights is that they are energy efficient. They allow sunlight to enter every corner of the building, saving more energy and cutting high costs. The modish look is also a plus. So, if you are already looking at skylights Melbourne prices, you might want to take a look first at these different types of skylights.


1. Ventilated skylight


This type of skylight comes next to a fixed skylight when it comes to simplicity. The only difference is that ventilated skylight provides ventilation from opening it, like a window. This can be seen mostly in areas where air circulation is needed, such as bathrooms and comfort rooms. However, this is also a good choice for rooms or attics.


2. Tubular skylight


A tubular skylight is perfect for areas with little space to install it. This also saves a lot of space as compared to other types of Velux skylight since it comes in a tube that uses optical techniques to redirect the sunlight wherever you want to install it.


3. Curb-mounted skylight


Skylight prices vary, so the least you can do is to choose the right type that suits your needs and preferences. If you want a stylish yet affordable type of skylight, try to look for a curb-mounted skylight. This is one of the most sought after types since it offers a perfect choice of skylight if you don’t want to have problems regarding leaks and infiltrations. Visit Skylights-Online to learn more.


4. Pyramid skylight


Pyramid skylight is perfect for roofs with nothing but a flat surface. Aside from the illumination, such type can also add to the design of flat roofs. There are a lot of Velux pyramid skylight styles, one of which is the most common one with a square opening for the four sides of the skylight. Other styles are polygon having multiple sides, and the hip ridge that has a rectangular opening.


5. Insect screen skylight


If you want to feel some fresh air but hate the idea of having mosquitoes and bugging insects inside your room, then you should get an insect screen skylight. This is a ventilated skylight incorporated with a screen. Keep those annoying insects out and fresh air in with this type of skylight.


6. Barrel vault skylight


Skylights aren’t just seen in houses; they can be in buildings too. Barrel vault skylight is the appropriate choice when it comes to building sheds, arcades, and passageways. It covers a wide area, making it an efficient but classy choice for non-residential establishments.


Whether it be your house, your convenience store or your office building, a skylight is a practical choice to save energy without compromising the beauty of your property. It comes with a wide array of choices for you to find the ideal skylight for the best price.


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